Twitter: Elon Musk calls an emergency meeting to save the social network

Elon Musk has decided to bring together the engineers who still remain on Twitter  to devise a way to save the social network since it is on the brink of death.


Twitter  is going through possibly the biggest crisis in its entire history and the situation in which the social network has been plunged since the night of November 17 has left it on the verge of death. Although he has joked about this fact in the past,Elon Musk is aware that her latest acquisition is in trouble, so he has called an emergency meeting in order to save her.

According to what Zoë Schiffer , journalist and editor-in-chief of Platformer , pointed out, the new owner and CEO of Twitter sent an email to the engineers who still remain in the company and, despite the fact that it was decided to close the offices to protect the network of sabotage, Musk told them to report to the 10th floor of the company’s headquarters in San Francisco at 2:00 p.m. (5:00 p.m. Peruvian time).

“Anyone who can actually write software, please report to the 10th floor today at 2 pm Before you do, please email me a detailed summary of what your code has accomplished in the last 6 months ,” the statement read.

In addition, the report mentions that the tycoon asked his engineers to send about 10 screenshots of his most prominent lines of code. However, it is not specifically highlighted what this meeting will take place for. Worse still, with this special request without offering any context and after having decided to close the offices until November 21.

Finally, Musk also extended the request to the company’s engineers who still collaborate by telecommuting. Even if he is an avid opponent of this working method, the businessman asked these experts to join the meeting via video call, although he did not miss the opportunity to invite them to take a plane to the company’s offices in San Francisco to be physically present. .

#RIPTwitter begins to come true

The crisis in which Twitter is plunged worsened when, on the night of November 17, several employees resigned en masse from the company after Elon Musk announced more rigorous working hours to revive the social network. However, this worked against him since it caused several workers to abandon the ship through the company’s Slack channels and in their respective social networks, so the tycoon had to soften.

After this news was released, the hashtag #RIPTwitter soon became a global trend and millions of users began to share their experiences with the social network as a farewell. Even Elon Musk himself reacted to this label by using memes or posting sarcastic comments, but deep down he knows that this situation is serious.

Elon Musk stops joking with Twitter

A report from The Verge  points out that several of the divisions with a prominent role in Twitter ‘s administration have been left without staff, including both the Front-End teams and the traffic that redirects engineering requests to Back-End services. end. If Musk doesn’t take appropriate action, the social network could inevitably collapse within a few days.

Since the team that maintained the core libraries used by engineers in various areas of Twitter are no longer part of the company, the platform has been left vulnerable. In a post made through his official account, Musk wrote “what should Twitter do next?” , a quote that, although it could be one of his many sarcastic jokes, can also express his concern about the direction he must take so that the social network does not perish.

Although the company’s internal administration is in chaos, the worst is yet to come for Musk and his team as regulators and the United States government are waiting for the tycoon’s next move.