Twitter: Elon Musk “declares war” on Apple from his iPhone

The owner of Twitter accused Apple of wanting to censor free speech and charging a “secret tax” on its App Store .


Elon Musk has established himself as a Silicon Valley great after buying Twitter , from where he is now seeking a lawsuit with a giant. More than a giant the most valuable company in the world: Apple .

As early as the weekend, Musk hinted that he would create his own phone if Google and Apple block Twitter from their repositories, but this Monday he took aim directly at Apple .

“ Apple has moved  most of its ad spending from Twitter . Hate free speech in the US ? Elon Musk tweeted , later tagging Apple CEO Tim Cook .

This behavior is not exclusive to Apple , Fortune estimates that half of the advertisers have already left Twitter since they bought the social network.

Musk also published a survey asking if Apple should “publicize all the censorship activities it conducted that affected its customers.”

He also claimed that Apple threatened to remove Twitter from the App Store , without citing reasons.

Elon Musk continued his barrage of anti- Apple tweets by touching on a topic that bothered Epic Games : the fee the company charges for purchases through its App Store.

“Did you know that Apple charges a secret 30% tax on everything you buy through their App Store ?” Musk tweeted.

Although it is true that Apple charges 30% of transactions to companies that bill more than a million dollars annually, this is far from being a secret. Even more so when it was a central issue of the fight between Epic Games and Apple , which ended with Fortnite outside the iPhone .

And apparently this is just the beginning, with Elon Musk posting a meme where he implies that he “would rather go to war” than pay the 30% commission that Apple charges.