Twitter: Elon Musk turns company offices into bedrooms for his “hardcore” employees

Elon Musk remodeled the Twitter offices  and fitted them out with beds, armchairs, and even nightstands for the remaining employees.


Twitter  hasn’t stopped surprising since it was acquired by Elon Musk , but the mogul’s latest move reported by Forbes truly takes it to a new level. According to what the outlet details, the company converted some of its San Francisco offices into bedrooms for employees who agreed to the intense work routine imposed by the current owner and CEO.

As the report details , two people who decided to remain anonymous revealed that the offices were renovated and went from having conference rooms to fully equipped rooms to be able to stay in them. In the environments, items such as beds, lamps, rugs, nightstands and armchairs were included , to name just a few.

Twitter offices are now bedrooms

The employees consulted by Forbes detailed that some of the facilities of the Twitter headquarters in San Francisco became dormitories so that all those who decided to commit to the “hardcore” working day that Musk imposed as part of the strategy to create Twitter 2.0 , the renewal of the social network that the businessman seeks to cement.

At the moment, some exact details remain hidden, such as the number of rooms that exist in total, but it is mentioned that these would be between 4 and 8 per floor. Zöe Schiffer , editor of the Platformer portal, mentioned that a Twitter worker told her that the library at the company’s offices also became a “cozy” sleeping area.

Elon Musk’s ambition with Twitter 2.0

Since taking over the company’s board, Elon Musk has imposed a new work mentality on Twitter and has not hesitated to fire more than half of the employees who were part of the workforce before his purchase. The tycoon also issued an ultimatum to the workers who remained in the company, mentioning that if they decided to stay, “many hours of high intensity” awaited them in order to create Twitter 2.0 .

As measures to realize his vision of the social network, Musk reduced telecommuting, ensuring that face-to-face work was much more effective and urged employees to sleep in the company’s offices as a commitment to reduce the immense workload that occurred since the acquisition of the company.