Twitter exec ‘happy’ Elon Musk won’t join board of directors

Rumman Chowdhury said that Elon Musk has an ‘immediate chilling effect’ on the company.


Elon Musk ‘s decision  not to join the board of directors of Twitter  has made some of its members happy, such as Rumman Chowdhury, director of Ethics, Transparency and Responsibility of the social network.

Through her account on the social network, the executive assured that the arrival of Elon Musk caused her annoyance, mainly because of the values ​​he presents and that may be against Twitter’s philosophy.

“This is going to sound like fun, but Musk’s immediate chilling effect was something that bothered me significantly,” Chowdhury said . “Twitter has a beautiful culture of hilarious constructive criticism, and I saw it go silent due to his minions attacking employees.”

“That’s certainly not the only thing – my number 1 rule is ‘don’t feed the trolls’ – people like him thrive on attention, including negative attention,” he wrote. “I wasn’t going to give him the satisfaction.”

Elon Musk will not participate in the meeting

After learning of Musk ‘s participation as a majority shareholder in Twitter, his inclusion on the board of directors was a fact, but CEO Parag Agrawal said Monday that the millionaire declined the offer.

In his tweet, Agrawal said the board had had “many discussions about adding Elon to the board” and had decided that the role would require Musk to “act in the best interest of the company and all of our shareholders.”

Elon Musk did not reveal why he decided to decline the offer. However, the Tesla CEO tweeted about the social media company over the weekend in a series of since-deleted tweets that suggested Twitter should change its name, turn its headquarters into a homeless shelter and remove ads. Musk even asked his followers, “Is Twitter dying?”

Insider ‘s Isobel Asher Hamilton reported that Musk’s decision could leave the door open for the billionaire to buy the company, as the Tesla CEO would no longer be bound by an agreement he signed to join the board that dictated he couldn’t buy. over 14.9% of Twitter shares.