Twitter in chaos: offices close after employees do not accept Elon Musk’s conditions

The company, bought by Elon Musk for $44 billion, has taken steps to “prevent sabotage” in the face of an exodus of employees.


When Elon Musk bought Twitter , a big change in the social network was expected, but possibly not this.

The South African-born tycoon made his terms clear at midnight Wednesday by giving his employees an offer: “work like crazy” or resign. The shot backfired.

Twitter is suffering from an exodus of employees who did not accept Musk’s terms, which had an expiration date: Wednesday afternoon.

Twitter loses employees en masse and closes offices

Insider reported, thanks to two sources, that all Twitter offices have been temporarily closed, with the ability of employees to enter the offices suspended, according to two sources from the prestigious outlet.

An employee indicated to the same medium that it is a measure to avoid “physical sabotage while the resignations are resolved.”

The offices are expected to reopen on Monday, after the large number of resignations of employees from Twitter, a social network that had already laid off at least 50% of employees since Elon Musk took over.

All this chaos began an hour after the ultimatum expired, in which Elon Musk demanded employees to “work like crazy” or resign in search of achieving Twitter 2.0 , the vision of the owner of Tesla and SpaceX.

This indicates that a small number of employees accepted Elon Musk ‘s new conditions .

In earlier days, Elon Musk ended remote work and free lunches at Twitter’s offices,  toughening conditions for employees to return to offices, demanding more work.

The future of the social network is not clear and there is a lot of uncertainty regarding the departure of so many employees. The #RIPTWITTER hashtag is trending, reflecting the possibility that the social network is close to death for him weeks after Elon Musk bought it for $44 billion.