Twitter is already working on solving the “error” that the Elon Musk account recommended too much

Elon Musk fired a worker because his tweets were getting less attention.


He now found a way to fix it, but ended up with a new problem

Do you have a Twitter account ? Now you will notice that, if you do not follow Elon Musk , you will start receiving his tweets as ‘Recommended’. And that has an explanation.

For days now, users, especially those who are not Musk followers, have begun to see more of his posts and the CEO of the company himself has an answer to this.

Musk in the spotlight

Elon Musk was already asking weeks ago why his publications do not have as much reach as millions of followers have, a fact that even ended in a dismissal.

According to the tycoon himself, Twitter ‘s problems caused “95% of his tweets not to be delivered.”

“The recommendation algorithm used the absolute block count, instead of the percentile block count, which caused accounts with large followers to be discarded, even if the blocks were only 0.1% of the followers,” he says.

Given this, changes have been made to the algorithm to promote the publications of people with millions of followers and Musk himself has been the beneficiary, giving him priority in the Recommended feed for those who do not follow him.

joke about it

If you don’t believe in this, it was once again the eccentric millionaire who joked about the case.

This same Tuesday the 14th, he published an image that refers to the number of tweets that appear to people and also points out that “we must be vigilant while making the adjustment in the ‘algorithm'”.

Faced with the wave of criticism received on Twitter for his exaggerated presence, Musk pointed out that work is underway to adjust the supposed recommendation “algorithm”, so the problem could be solved in the next few hours:

If you don’t want their posts to continue appearing to you, you can mute their account or, to a greater extent, block it.