Twitter is asking laid-off workers to return to the company

According to former workers, Twitter is telling them that they were fired “by mistake” or before seeing that “they have the necessary experience.”


Twitter is re-contacting some of the employees fired by Elon Musk asking them to return to the company.

According to Bloomberg , Twitter is contacting part of the 50% of employees dismissed by the new management to resume their work and be part of the reorganization by the billionaire.

Twitter regrets

According to the report, the now former employees are being told that their dismissal was “by mistake.”

Others claim that Twitter assured them that “their work and experience may be needed to build the new features that Musk envisions.”

Many employees found out they had lost their jobs after their access to company-wide systems like email and Slack was suddenly suspended. Employee return requests demonstrate just how rushed and chaotic the process was.

At an early stage, it was believed that Elon Musk would eliminate 75% of the company’s workforce. Jack Dorsey, co-founder of Twitter, apologized for this fact, since he considers that he “hired too many staff” during his tenure From him.

There are many things left to do

Twitter has about 3,700 employees left, according to people familiar with the matter. Musk is pushing those who remain at the company to move quickly in shipping new features, and in some cases, employees have even slept in the office to meet new deadlines.

Over the weekend, Twitter launched a new Twitter Blue subscription plan , which offers a check mark for any user who pays $8 a month . The company also said it will launch other features soon, including halving ads, the ability to post longer videos, and getting priority ranking on replies, mentions, and searches.