Twitter is preparing a payment system with debit cards and cryptocurrencies

Twitter has started the application for licenses in the US to put up a possible payment system as a fintech.


Twitter is working on a payment system that will accept debit cards, bank accounts and in the future cryptocurrencies.

According to the Financial Times , Twitter is getting all the regulatory permissions it needs to be able to offer user-to-user payments.

Twitter as a fintech

Now under the helm of Elon Musk , Twitter wants to offer financial services like debit cards and bank accounts.

This movement is due to the fact that Musk is a great supporter of globalist apps such as WeChat, a Chinese service that works as a messaging service, social networking platform and payment tool.

Under Twitter Blue , for example, he wants users to be able to send money to another person on the social network by linking their bank account.

Bank accounts, for their part, could come later where debit cards or checks can be incorporated, just as companies like Apple do

And soon cryptocurrencies

Musk, according to the report, will start his system with traditional currencies, but is also thinking of adding cryptocurrencies such as dogecoin.

At the moment, the arrival date of this new system is unknown.