Twitter is testing the ability to ‘remove mention’ in tweets

The social network Twitter has been experimenting with the removal of mentions within tweets.


Intense week for Twitter . After the aggressive purchase of shares by Elon Musk , the social network has kept a series of new features in hand, such as the button to edit and the future inclusion of TweetDeck in the Twitter Blue subscription package . Now, the company is already working on a system to remove mentions within conversations.

The “unmentioning” system was pointed out by the Twitter Safety account , in which the implementation is explained as “a way to help you keep the peace and withdraw from conversations.” This system is already being activated in some accounts:

The option to “leave the conversation” will appear in the options menu of each tweet, between the “mute” and “embed” functions. By clicking it, the system will notify you about the actions it will take to delete your user and stop notifications or future mentions in the same conversation.

We currently have the option to “mute” a conversation or user, but this will prevent mentions from triggering toast notifications in topic threads that we don’t want to pick up.