Twitter launches bitcoin tipping option globally

All Twitter users will send or receive bitcoins thanks to the tips released by the social network.


Twitter has officially launched the tipping option globally and has confirmed that bitcoins can also be sent with it.

In the platform update this Thursday, Twitter launches the tipping tool, which will allow users to send money to each other through third-party applications.

And within the options, you can send bitcoins.

“Digital currencies encourage more people to participate in the economy and help people send money to each other across borders and with as little friction as possible help us get there,” says Esther Crawford, representative of Twitter.

At the moment, the feature is available for iOS but not yet for Android. However, it is only a matter of time to do so.

How will bitcoins be sent?

To deliver bitcoins to other users, it will be necessary to have the Strike application, a system used by the Lightning Network to make the shipment fast and with almost no commissions, as in El Salvador.

“Cryptocurrencies, like Twitter, operate without global barriers, so we are excited to incorporate it into more of our product,” said the platform’s product manager.

Crawford, who leads the company’s creator monetization efforts, also said the company is in the early stages of exploring an NFT authentication service, which would allow users to display NFT art on their profile.

Those plans are still in an experimental stage, but the idea is to support the creators of NFT by giving them away to showcase NFTs on Twitter and provide details about their ownership, Crawford said. “By allowing people to connect their crypto wallets directly, we can track and display our ownership of NFT on Twitter,” he said.