Twitter prepares a payment function to send messages to celebrities and other verified users

Twitter  is working on a paid feature that will allow users to send direct messages to the accounts of politicians, artists and other celebrities.

Twitter  is preparing a feature that will allow users to send direct messages to celebrities, politicians, artists and other highly popular verified accounts on the platform. 

Through this new option for the social network ‘s messaging service , interested people will be able to communicate with “very important tweeters” for a price through their inbox.

The report comes from The New York Times  and points out that two people familiar with Twitter ‘s plans and internal documents discovered that the new administration of Elon Musk – current CEO and owner of the company – is already working on this interesting and complex messaging function. .

Twitter will let you send direct messages to celebrities for a fee

According to the report, this new feature will charge a few dollars per message sent to the official accounts of celebrities, politicians, or other big-name users on the platform. These texts will appear in a separate area of ​​the “messages” section and the “very important tweeters” will be able to choose the paid messages they want to receive.

Previously, Twitter tested a prototype of the paid direct message feature. In this test, a user was able to send a message to the American rapper Post Malone where he asked him about his favorite songs. However, the report indicates that, although the platform has not yet specified the payment method, it will probably take a cut of the money generated by these messages.

The  New York Times sources mentioned that Twitter had not guaranteed the release of the feature and that plans were still underway.

A function to generate more income on Twitter

At the moment it is not clear if the function was already in development even before the purchase of Twitter by Elon Musk last Friday, October 28, took place. However, the report mentions that it would be part of the tycoon’s plan to create more paid content on the platform to generate more income.

After the transaction took place, a huge variety of news and changes for Twitter began to appear. The most talked about and controversial were the $8 per month fee to verify an account through “Twitter Blue” and “Paywalled Video ,” a feature that will charge users for video content, according to The Washington Post .