Twitter: PS3 and iPhone hacker resigns from company despite commitment to Elon Musk

George Hotz , the iconic first PS3 and original iPhone hacker , decided to leave Twitter  just a month after joining.


Twitter  has become a problem that is escaping more and more from the hands of Elon Musk , current owner and CEO of the company behind this social network. Since the tycoon assumed the firm’s board of directors, hundreds of layoffs and resignations, user dissatisfaction and questionable decision-making have abounded in the company and not even the one who presented himself as the “messiah” of the platform has managed to save it. .

George Hotz , the well-known hacker who breached the defenses of the PlayStation 3 and the original iPhone , reached an agreement with Elon Musk to join the Twitter developer team as an intern for 12 weeks last November, in order to solve part of social network problems However, the computer scientist decided to leave the company just one month after signing his contract.

One of the most recognized hackers could not save Twitter

Hotz’s job at Twitter was to fix some issues on the platform like the inescapable popup that appears when browsing posts without logging in and the inaccurate search feature. He did not plan to obtain a stable position in the company or be in the social network for a long term.

“I will put my money where my mouth is. I am ready for a 12-week internship at Twitter for the cost of living in SF ,” the hacker previously noted. However, and despite coinciding with many of Elon Musk ‘s work ideologies , Hotz announced his resignation from the company through his official account on the social network The computer scientist mentioned that he is leaving the company to return to programming.

A brief participation in Elon Musk’s Twitter

A few days ago, Hotz posted a poll on his Twitter account asking his followers if he should resign from the company. In said consultation, the “no” obtained 63.6% of 81,890 votes, but his subsequent resignation shows that the decision had already been made by then.

The hacker indicated that he left Twitter because “he expected the environment of a startup and found something very different” . In addition, he emphasized that he never said that he would solve the problems of the platform, but that he would try. An idea that moved away every time more of his mind when seeing the code of Twitter.

The Kotaku  portal managed to contact Hotz and he declared that, despite his departure from the company, he continues to support Elon Musk and what he calls Twitter 2.0. However, the hacker is more than ready to return to work at Comma AI, his vehicle automation machine learning startup.