Twitter reveals that it removes more than a million spam accounts daily

Twitter  claims to deal with a huge number of spam  accounts on a daily basis to reduce its detrimental reach on the social network.


Twitter  does not have a good time with the fight against spam accounts within its platform and the number of these problematic bots with which it faces on a daily basis proves it. The company claims to detect and eliminate more than a million of these types of users every day .

As company executives detailed to the press in a briefing  reported by Reuters  on Thursday, June 7 , measures to control and significantly reduce automated accounts and their harmful spam provides a closer look at Twitter ‘s efforts. to protect the users of its platform.

This report comes after Elon Musk  demanded more details from the company and its social network, after threatening to stop the purchase agreement for 44,000 million dollars if it is not shown with evidence that spam accounts and bots represent less than 5 % of users exposed to platform advertising .

Twitter and Musk at war with spam accounts

Previously, the billionaire entrepreneur behind Tesla Motors and SpaceX said that one of his main priorities after acquiring Twitter will be to completely eradicate the bots from the spam accounts that abound in the social network or “die trying” .

In a conference call, the firm stated that spam accounts and the bots that automate them were well below the 5% of users targeted by the platform’s advertising and that this figure has not increased or decreased in his public presentations since 2013 .

Twitter tactics against spam and bots

The company says that behind its controls are human reviewers who manually examine thousands of random Twitter accounts and use a combination of public and private data to calculate and report to shareholders the proportion of spam and bot accounts in the Twitter account. service.

The company said it doesn’t believe a calculation of those accounts could be done externally because it would require private information , but it also declined to comment on the type of data it would provide to Elon Musk before the transaction goes through.