Twitter Spaces is disabled after the clash of Elon Musk and journalists with suspended accounts

The feature to create audio rooms on Twitter  was disabled after Elon Musk had a heated argument with journalists with suspended accounts.


Twitter  continues to be a real battlefield between Elon Musk , the company’s current owner and CEO, and his main detractors. The most recent episode of this conflict has caused the social network to deactivate Spaces, the function to create audio rooms in which the host and his followers can participate, after the clash between the tycoon and a group of journalists who criticized his decisions from who assumed the leadership of the platform.

The disabling of Twitter Spaces would have been carried out because the journalists against Elon Musk, whose accounts were previously suspended, still had the power to participate in the audio rooms of the social network. However, the businessman shared another version of the reasons why he decided to cancel the function momentarily with the press.

Twitter Spaces is disabled in the middle of the “Elon Musk vs. journalists”

As detailed by the Gizmodo portal , the deactivation of Twitter Spaces would have been carried out after Katie Notopoulos , a BuzzFeed journalist , organized an audio room that was joined by at least 10 journalists whose accounts were banned after reporting on the controversial suspension of Jack Sweeney , user who owns the ElonJet account that published all the information related to the flights of Musk’s private plane.

As he points out, Musk would have joined this conversation where he had a heated discussion with journalists, who pressured him for the inconsistencies in content moderation on Twitter . This is how the businessman noticed a failure in the social network system that allowed users to participate in Spaces despite being suspended. He then left the room and the feature was disabled after a short time.

Subsequently, Musk stated that the deactivation of Twitter Spaces is due to the social network team fixing a “legacy issue” in the system, so it should be available again the next day. However, until the closing of this note, the function has not yet been restored.

Twitter, Elon Musk and the controversy over content moderation
All this controversy related, once again, to the tycoon and his decisions with the management of Twitter began when he decided to suspend the Elon Jet account , which published all the data regarding the flights of Musk ‘s private plane . The businessman pointed out that this was because he failed to comply with the doxxing rules (revealing a person’s private information) of the social network.

Ella Irwin , Twitter ‘s head of trust and security , reported an update to the platform’s content moderation policies that now prohibits sharing data about a person’s live location or through links to third-party websites. “Without commenting on any specific account, I can confirm that we will suspend any account that violates our privacy policies and puts other users at risk. We make no exceptions to this policy for journalists or any other account,” she noted.

Musk also mentioned through his Twitter account that a stalker approached his son’s car in California, also sharing a video of the suspect. After that, he stated that he would take legal action against Jack Sweeney , creator of Elon Jet , for what happened.

In addition, Twitter ‘s rival platform Mastodon ‘s accounts on the Elon Musk-led platform were also suspended for allegedly sharing a post by Elon Jet .