Twitter still owes a company for a gift box for Elon Musk

A lawsuit in San Francisco claims that Twitter defaulted on its payments in September, totaling nearly $400,000.

What was apparently a welcome gift for Elon Musk when he bought Twitter still remains unpaid.

At least that’s what the Canadian company Canary Marketing claims, which has sued Twitter over a gift box for Musk that cost $6,783.99, but has yet to be paid for.

Canary Marketing says it worked with Twitter for more than a decade, but the company stopped paying the bills in September 2022.

In total, Twitter maintains a debt of almost 400 thousand dollars, it was revealed thanks to the lawsuit filed in San Francisco County.

The gift for Elon Musk that has not yet been paid

The box for Elon Musk was ordered by a logistics manager on Twitter.

It included a $689 bottle of Nikka Japanese whiskey, a board and cheeses worth $215, along with two jackets and space-themed cocktail accessories.

Since Elon Musk took over Twitter after buying the company for $44 billion, he has taken steps to reduce spending.

After laying off more than half of the employees, Twitter has stopped taking payments such as rent.