Twitter subscribers are uploading copyrighted full-length movies to the social network

Movies like Shrek are posted in their entirety on Twitter and there are no moderators who can remove copyrighted content.


All chaos. In recent days and thanks to the Twitter Blue subscription , Twitter is filling up with copyrighted movies published in their entirety.

Worst of the case is that Twitter can’t keep up with removing this copyrighted content due to its understaffing and heavy layoffs in the moderation area.

movies for everyone

Twitter Blue, Twitter ‘s subscription service that costs $8 a month (11 on iOS) , allows users to upload videos of up to 60 minutes in 1080p quality.

On any platform, uploading a copyrighted movie or video means removal of the post or even suspension of the account, but apparently not on Twitter .

For this reason, a large number of users have been uploading famous movies to the social network. The favorites? Some animation like Shrek 2 .

And the movies do not go unnoticed: they have thousands of views and interactions, but after more than a week of uploads, they continue to be re-shared and republished.


This type of content is copyrighted and its free dissemination through these platforms is not authorized.

Twitter has the obligation, like any other service, to block it when it is detected to avoid sanctions.