Twitter: the new trend of posting messages with a single word

Since yesterday afternoon, various international and national institutions began to publish tweets with a single word . Learn about the origin of the trend and the institutions that have joined the trending topic.


Since the first day of September, various official accounts have begun posting  one-word messages on Twitter, a new trend that did not begin in Latin America but in the US yesterday afternoon. Some of the proposals even became a local trending topic .

The origin of the trend seems to go back to 2:00 pm (Peruvian time) after a tweet from Amtrak, the state train network in the US, with the word “trains” (trains). Within minutes, users responded with a key term, and other brands followed suit.

There was even a little debate after the BART train service (San Francisco) recalled that it published a tweet with the same word in July 2020. In a creative way, Amtrak responded with its founding year (1971), while it is known that the competitor company began operations in 1972.

“minimalist” trend

From the media, through official accounts of technology companies or television series, to public entities and leading international organizations have joined the trend called “one-word tweet trend” (trend of a single word).

For example, the news network CNN used the word “breaking news” to continue the conversation on Twitter .

For its part, Google Maps left no doubt when using “maps” (maps) in a tweet to define its geolocation service. It was followed by Starbucks with “coffee” (coffee) or Windows of the Microsoft company with “windows”. These messages reach more than 700 retweets each and thousands of likes.

We also have NASA with “universe” (universe). After four hours, the tweet has more than 33,000 likes and 5,000 retweets.

Also in Peru

Not only Peruvian users or companies, but also public entities joined the trend of a single word on Twitter .

RPP Noticias was no stranger to this type of publication and opted for the classic phrase of its informative work: “Live live”

These are some of the Peruvian entities that also participated in the new trend:

– Ministry of Labor: Decent employment

– SUNAT: ask for a ticket

-Congress of the Republic: Democracy

– MIDIS: Inclusion and development

– SERNANP: Natural Protected Areas

– ONPE: elections