TWITTER Twitter will change the way we mention other users

Twitter is keeping its own pace of execution, in the midst of a merger process with Elon Musk companies.


it seems that the way we mention others is going to change drastically. The social network has been testing, internally, a system of mentions that restricts the use of this platform for those who seek privacy.

A finding by the engineer and researcher Jane Manchun Wong reveals that Twitter is studying the implementation of a resource to segment the mention of users based on the relationship with them. The screenshot shows that you can determine who can mention you in a tweet:

In this case, we see that we will be able to regulate the mention and allow someone to mention us or not, in addition to determining if these authorized people can be contactless users or only those that we follow.

Twitter mentions about to change

Under this route, Twitter has restricted some interaction between unrelated accounts. A few years ago, they added to the system the possibility of regulating which users could reply to a tweet.

As part of this implementation, the “circles” system was added a few months ago and the possibility of directing “private” tweets to a certain group of people, without the need to enter the direct message section.

There is no date for the activation of these functions, nor details about their implementation at the level of all users or only for those who purchase the “Twitter Blue” subscription.

Until now, the Twitter payment system, which integrates functions such as editing tweets or including custom themes, is maintained for the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand at a monthly price of $2.99.