Twitter users report that their deleted tweets are reappearing

Twitter has restored thousands of posts deleted by users. Some experts blame poor server management.


Some users have reported a bug on Twitter that is causing some tweets that had been removed from their accounts to now reappear publicly on the platform for no apparent reason.

Twitter allows its users to delete posts so that they disappear both from their account and from the search results of the social network. And, as the platform points out on its website, once a tweet has been deleted, all associated metadata and all analytical information “are no longer publicly available.”


However, some users have pointed out that, in recent days, the tweets that they had deleted from their accounts have reappeared publicly on Twitter .

This has been reported by profiles such as Security expert and technology analyst Dick Morrell, through a publication on the Mastodon social network, who has also pointed out that “probably” Elon Musk’s social network made a backup copy of this data. “from a server farm” and therefore “does not delete data”.

Morrell has specified that last November he deleted all his tweets, a total of 38,000 posts, as well as ‘likes’ and ‘retweets’. Six months later, Twitter has suddenly restored 34,000 of the tweets he had removed. “This shows why you should never use Twitter ,” Morrell says.

According to this user, up to 400 more people have responded to his post claiming to have been equally affected by this ruling. “I spent hours deleting tweets and now they are all back, I have no words,” said another affected user.

Likewise, a user identified as a former Twitter employee under the name ‘mx alex tax1a’, who worked on the company’s hardware provisioning stack, has indicated that a possible cause is that  Twitter has moved “a lot of servers” between data centers and “didn’t do it right”.

For its part, as reported by Zdnet , when asked about these failures, Twitter responded with an ’emoji’ in the form of feces and has not provided any information in this regard.