Twitter will allow two accounts to co-author a tweet

Now Twitter  will allow two users to share the authorship of a publication on the social network.


Twitter is exploring the co-authoring option: two accounts can be the authors of a single tweet.

App researcher Alessandro Paluzzi has been posting evidence of the feature’s development since December, but recently uncovered what appears to be an official Twitter dialog about how these collaborations might work.

Following the rumors, Twitter has confirmed that it is “exploring” this new feature that would allow two accounts to co-author a single tweet, TechCrunch reports .

Network co-authoring

The co-author feature isn’t unique to Twitter, as Instagram has offered something similar since 2021.

Various arguments surround this tool: brand partnerships, influencer campaigns, or even just sharing credit for a funny post.

According to the screenshots posted by Paluzzi, you will only be able to invite public accounts that follow you to co-author a tweet, and they will have to accept your invitation.

Hopefully there is some mechanism to prevent popular accounts from being repeatedly solicited for spam co-authors.

Once posted, collaborative tweets are shared with followers of both accounts, and both avatars will display in the top left of the post. 

It is not yet known when this option will arrive for all users, so it will be necessary to wait for the official announcement soon.