Twitter will be updated to be able to post a video and a photo at the same time

Twitter is working on new features requested by its user community.


The social network Twitter  wants to put aside the dimes and diretes after the purchase of Elon Musk and is in full development of different functions requested by a large number of users.

Among the most anticipated functions is that of mixed publications on the social network: now the accounts will be able to share images and videos at the same time in the same post.

This was discovered by developer Dylan Roussel through the Android app.

The awards arrive on Twitter

Likewise, 9to5Google also detected an option to award prizes to tweets. The reward feature appears as a gift icon below a post, next to the retweet, like, and share buttons. As the report notes, it’s unclear if the feature is another way for users to monetize their content or if it’s exclusive to Twitter Blue , the platform’s subscription service .

A new field is also being developed for users to list their pronouns, according to the report. Many Twitter users already include their pronouns in their display name, bio, or other fields on their profile.

These features are still in the testing phase, so it is unclear when they will be publicly available.