Twitter will hide posts with false information shared from high-profile accounts in times of crisis

Twitter is implementing a crisis disinformation policy so as not to amplify false information in times of widespread conflict.


Twitter will now require verification from credible public sources, including conflict monitoring groups, humanitarian organizations, open source researchers, journalists, and more. 

If the social network finds that a post contains false information , it will place a warning notice on the tweet, disable likes , retweets and sharing options, and link to more details of the rule. These posts will also no longer appear in the main feed or in search.

However, Twitter will “preserve this content for account redemption purposes” , so it will remain online. Users will have the option to click the warning to view the post.

New policy against disinformation

Twitter ‘s new strategy will prioritize warning notices on fake posts from high-profile accounts, since a tweet is more likely to go viral from a famous account. 

“Content moderation is more than just leaving or removing content , ” Twitter’s head of security and integrity Yoel Roth wrote in a blog post. ” We found that not amplifying or recommending certain content, adding context through tags, and, in severe cases, disabling Tweet engagement, are effective ways to mitigate damage, while preserving critical global event records and discourse. ” “.

Some examples of misleading information include misleading accusations of war crimes, atrocities, or use of weapons, and misinformation about the international community’s response, sanctions, defensive operations, and more. 

Personal anecdotes are not included in the Twitter policy , nor are strong opinions, comments or satire of people. They are also allowed to distort false information in a publication.