“Uber drivers are employees”, says Swiss court

Given the court decision, Uber  has suspended its activity in the country.


The highest judicial authority in Switzerland indicated that Uber  drivers  should be considered as employees and therefore confirmed a decision by Geneva to require the company to comply with the law in order to continue operating.

The court of justice of the canton of Geneva “did not act arbitrarily with regard to the transport service by finding an employment relationship between Uber drivers operating in Geneva” and the company, the Federal Court said in a statement.

“In short, Uber drivers can no longer be considered self-employed, but are recognized as employees ,” Geneva cantonal authorities said in a statement.

“Therefore, the company must suspend its activity until it complies with the law,” they added. From Saturday midnight, Uber will not be able to operate in Geneva.

A victory in the new age

According to the canton of Geneva, the decision adopted by the Federal Court constitutes “a great step forward in respect of working conditions, the protection of workers and the fight against unfair competition”.

According to Geneva, this “victory [is] all the more important as this case law will have consequences for all Swiss cantons.”

The Uber taxi option is now available in many Swiss cities, such as Bern, Zurich and Lausanne. In a statement, Uber said that hundreds of VTC drivers are affected in Geneva.

The Californian company explained that the Federal Court’s decision “leaves them no other option than to temporarily suspend [their] VTC services in the canton while we return to dialogue with the respective authorities to find a mutually acceptable solution.”