Uber: How to request a trip for another person?

Uber allows another user to request a service for another person who does not have the app installed.


The Uber application is one of the pioneers in mobility and taxis, it allows you to request trips, food and favors by courier.

This safe taxi service offers reliability and comfort to request a transportation service.

Aspects to take into account when ordering a taxi from another person

Uber not only allows you to request a taxi for the user who has the application installed, since the service can also be requested and used by a person who does not own the profile. Requesting a taxi is very simple and can be done in a series of basic steps:

  1. Enter the application from your device.
  2. Then you must click on the option “where are you going?” Usually the app automatically places your location. In this case you will click on the current location option and place the address where the person is.
  3. At the top of the screen you will see an option that says: “For”, there you select another person. In this case you must enter your phone or select the contact from your contact list, then press continue.
  4. Select the final destination of the other person.
  5. Select the payment method and type of Uber the other person will need.
  6. When verifying that the data you entered is correct, click on confirm user and then ask. By doing this, the person will receive a message indicating the details of their trip.
  7. The Uber driver will also receive the data of the person you requested the Uber from . These last two aspects are extremely important, because in this way your friend or relative will be able to contact the driver directly.

This is a super simple and safe way to help another person to have a comfortable and completely safe trip.