Unbeatable: the iPhone grows in the most expensive smartphone market

Apple consolidates its presence in the premium cell phone segment globally, with four iPhone models in the Top 5 of the category.


Apple has made the iPhone an icon of the industry, and the most difficult segment for any brand: the high-end. Only with expensive phones, Apple remains in third place for smartphone manufacturers globally , beating companies that sell 10 cell phones at the price of a 256 GB iPhone 13 Pro Max. This position is consolidated with growth in the sector, which today gives apples a 62% market share.

The Counterpoint Research report focuses on the sector above 400 dollars, and determines that Apple has gone from 57% in Q1 of 2021 to 62% in the same period of 2022. The analysis shows that Samsung has fallen two points in this demanding market with the S22 Ultra.

“However, the S22 series is doing well overall,” Counterpoint notes. “The Galaxy S22 Ultra has been a success in combining the best of the S series and the Note series. It was the best-selling Android smartphone in the premium segment in the first quarter of 2022.”

Apple 4, Samsung 1

In the top 5 of the expensive market, compiled with figures from Counterpoint, the first four models are from Apple: the iPhone 13 leads (23% market share), the 13 Pro Max model (13%), the iPhone 13 Pro ( 9%) and closes the poker of aces the iPhone 12 (8%). After these, finally, the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra appears with a 3% market share.

While it may be a lapidary reading, Samsung has other strategies. The flip phone market has grown by 184% compared to last year, and it is estimated that the presence of other brands will determine more competitive and affordable prices.

Ultra premium segment grows

Part of the report mentions that the sector above 1,000 dollars, a clearly premium market, has increased its sales by 164%, compared to Q1 of 2021. While last year they represented 9% of the total products above 400 dollars, currently consolidate 27%, the second segment in volume after the range between 600 and 799 dollars.

“With global inflation rising, the entry-level and lower price range segments are likely to be hit hardest. Only through increased sales in higher price bands will manufacturers be able to offset some of the resulting revenue declines . “While developed markets dominate premium market sales, the segment is also becoming important in emerging markets such as India and LATAM as consumers continue to increase their income.”