You may already know the numerous memes about fathers who don’t want cats in the house.


The only to pamper and spoil them as if they were children. Well, the new Uncharted video evokes just that situation.

Made in the style of TikTok, this short montage shows Nathan Drake ( Tom Holland ) giving a cat to Sully ( Mark Wahlberg ), who doesn’t want to keep it. Within two weeks, however, Sully takes Mr. Whiskers everywhere in a handy backpack!

Directed by Ruben Fleischer ( Zombieland, Venom ), after the departures of David O. Russell , Neil Burger , Shawn Levy , Dan Trachtenberg and Travis Knight . The Italian release is expected on February 17th . I remind you of the Facebook page and the Instagram profile of the film.

You will find the video below.

The cast

The cast includes Tom Holland ( Nathan Drake ), Mark Wahlberg ( Sully ), Antonio Banderas , Sophia Ali ( Chloe Frazer ) and Tati Gabrielle ( Braddock ).

The young Nathan Drake

Tom Holland will lend his face to a young Nathan Drake , the protagonist of an entirely new storyline, never told in video games. In fact, it will be an origin story: we will find out how Nathan met his great friend and mentor Victor Sullivan , aka Sully , and we will see him evolve into a treasure hunter. Last year, Charles Roven explained the nature of the project:

We made up a wonderful origin story, but it’s still based on the Uncharted video game . It does not take place during any of the video game time frames. It’s actually set when Nathan Drake and Sully – who I think can be called his paternal surrogate – were much younger. It’s an origin story that evolves from video games, but it’s not directly drawn from them.

The screenplay

The first Uncharted script was written by Joe Carnahan , but the current version of the script bears the signatures of Art Marcum , Matt Holloway and Rafe Judkins .