Update your iPhone now: Find out what’s new in the iOS 15.1 version

Apple has just released a new version of its iOS 15 operating system , including new features for iPhone device users.

Apple has just released a new iOS 15.1 to the general public. This new update comes a month after the tech giant presented iOS version 15 to the world.

Learn about everything new that iOS 15.1 brings to your iPhone device .


Share Play comes to iOS 15.1 as a new experience synchronizing FaceTime with the contents of Apple TV , Apple Music and other applications compatible with the App Store .

You can connect with a dozen friends or family and watch parties, listen to songs, or exercise together using FaceTime .

ProRes for iPhone 13 Pro

Apple announced that by the end of this year the compatibility with ProRes would reach the iPhone 13 Pro models , which is a very efficient way to capture and edit videos, very popular among filmmakers and ‘youtubers’.

In iOS 15.1 , ProRes capture supports up to 30fps at 4K and up to 60fps at 1080p for devices with 256GB of storage and more.

More Features


– Setting to disable automatic camera switching when taking photos and macro video on iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max .


– Support for vaccination card COVID-19 lets you add and submit verifiable information vaccination app Wallet for Apple .


– Support for Mandarin Chinese (Taiwan) in the Translate app and for system-level translation.


– New automation triggers based on Homekit compatible light level, air quality and humidity sensor readings .


– New pre-built actions that allow you to put text on images or GIF files.