US to shut down 3G networks to make way for 4G and 5G in 2022

The general networks will be 4G, while 5G will continue to be implemented gradually.


In the midst of the expansion of new communication networks, the United States has announced the shutdown of the 3G networks of the most important telecommunications companies in the country.

AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile will stop providing this service to give way to 4G and 5G networks , which provide greater benefits to users.

But there will be harmed

However, the shutdown of 3G networks will cause several cell phones and tablets to be obsolete and without a way of communicating because their chips do not have support for new forms of communication.

Given this, the GSMA points out that more than 15 percent of users in the United States will lose the ability to send messages to make calls, send text messages and of course, surf the Internet from their phones.

Shutdown dates

AT&T will be the first operator to end 3G coverage for its customers, specifically it plans to do so from February 2022.

T-Mobile and Sprint will discontinue coverage of this generation of networks between March and July 2022.

Verizon, for its part, will be the last to do so, as it has announced that the official termination date will be December 31, 2022.