USB4 will have a version 2.0 that will allow data to be transmitted at 80 Gbps

Existing cables will be compatible with this enhancement to the USB 4 Version 2.0 standard.

The USB standard has a new generation that promises much faster speeds than ever before in file transfers.

The USB Promoter Group , an organization made up of Apple, HP, Intel, Microsoft, among others, announced USB4 Version 2.0 .

This new version of USB will be capable of transmitting up to 80 Gbps of data over USB-C cables and connectors .

The good news is that these speeds can be achieved using existing active USB-C cables.

“Again, in the tradition of USB, this updated USB4 specification doubles data throughput to bring higher levels of functionality to the USB-C ecosystem … Solutions that will benefit most from this speed increase are high-performance displays, storage, and USB -based dongles and hubs ,” said Brad Saunders, president of the USB Promoter Group .

How much will we see these changes in USB4?

USB Promoter Group will hold two events in November, one in Seattle and one in Seoul, where developers can learn more about these features.

In the future, the packaging of cables and devices may include a certification for data transmission at 80 Gbps.