Use Google AI Bard on your cell phone – this is how it works

Google hits back against ChatGPT and Microsoft and launched its own AI search Bard. It can be used comfortably on the cell phone, even if there is no suitable app for it yet.

Anyone who experiments with AI services such as ChatGPT , Bing or Google Bard usually quickly takes a liking to the new possibilities. So it makes sense to use artificial intelligence on cell phones as well.
ChatGPT already offers an iPhone app for this , but Google Bard doesn’t have it yet. However, you don’t necessarily need that, because How Bard work can be used wonderfully in the browser , even on the smartphone.

Use Bard in the browser on the mobile phone

All you have to do is open Bard’s web app in the browser on mobile. There is no restriction. Since Chrome is the most popular smartphone browser, this is a good fit, because Bard naturally runs in the in-house browser. But iPhone users can also access Bard with Safari.
As on desktop, signing in with a Google account is required to tap into Bard’s services. Otherwise, almost the same functions are available. Type the request below and watch Bard prepare an answer.
Unfortunately, dictation isn’t available on mobile yet, so you actually have to type in requests. Use the three bars to show the side menu.