Interviewed by Variety on the third season of Ted Lasso , Juno Temple said that filming of Venom 3 will begin “very, very soon, and I’m excited about it”. She obviously couldn’t reveal her role in the film.

According to the article, Sony Pictures would have chosen October 2024 for the release of the film, but there is no confirmation in this regard. However, it seems a likely date, if we consider that the other chapters of the saga were also distributed in the autumn period. In that case, three Sony cinecomics would be released in 2024 : the other two are Madame Web and Spider-Man: Beyond the Spider-Verse .

There are no details on the plot, but the working title – Orwell – could suggest that the antagonist will be Orwell Taylor , introduced in the miniseries Lethal Protector of the nineties (the first with Eddie Brock as the absolute protagonist). In the comics, Taylor is a former US Army general who seeks revenge against Venom , guilty of killing his son during an escape from the Vault , the prison for super-villains. To hunt down Eddie , the man assembles the Jury , a team equipped with technological armor similar to that of Iron Man. Later, the Life Foundation also makes five symbiotes available to him: Scream, Phage, Riot, Lasher and Agony . Obviously Riot was already used in the first film.

Tom Hardy will return as Brock , and will be joined in the cast by the aforementioned Juno Temple and Chiwetel Ejiofor . We don’t know if Patrick Mulligan will also returnas Stephen Graham , who could become Toxin . This time we will find Kelly Marcel as director, screenwriter of the first two films and also of Saving Mr. Banks, Fifty Shades of Gray and Cruella . The script was written by her with Tom Hardy himself, her husband. We will keep you posted.

The success of Venom

The first Venom grossed more than $856 million worldwide, while the sequel Venom: The Fury of Carnage stopped at $502 million (still impressive). This franchise ushered in Sony’s Spider-Man Universe , which also includes Morbius and the upcoming Kraven and Madame Web .