Sometimes we forget it, but Richard B. Riddick is the star of a franchise that already has four films (one of which is animated) and two video games.


Well, Vin Diesel will remind us of the existence of this saga: the actor has in fact published the first concept art of Furya , the fourth live-action adventure of the space criminal, which will see David Twohy again as director and screenwriter.

The first image features a close-up of a mysterious individual, with glowing eyes and highly detailed armor. The second instead shows Riddick attacking in the company of another warrior. We don’t know anything about the plot, but the title suggests that the protagonist’s origins will play an important role.

Furya does not yet have a release date, but the existence of the concepts shows that some progress has been made: the sequel, in fact, was already talked about in 2015. However, it is clear that Vin Diesel wants to ensure the continuation of another franchise after the closure of Fast & Furious , now quite close (the next chapter, Fast X , will probably be the penultimate).

You can see the concepts below.

The concept arts


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The Chronicles of Riddick

Riddick is introduced in Pitch Black , a successful b-movie from 2000 in which the character of Vin Diesel , however, is a kind of supporting character: only in the last part, in fact, does he reveal himself to be the true (anti) hero of the situation. His adventures continue in The Chronicles of Riddick (2004), a high-budget production that distorts the tone of the prequel, becoming a kind of action space fantasy. The third film, Riddick (2013), instead recovers the atmosphere of Pitch Black .

Riddick is a furian, ethnic human with marked characteristics of strength, endurance and adaptation. He also possesses a dowry typical of alpha furians: his eyes perceive light radiation starting from the ultraviolet band, allowing him to see in the dark like a feline. Being so sensitive, he has to protect them from bright light with a pair of dark glasses.