Virtual reality universe: These are the companies that already have projects in the metaverse

Several companies large and small are interested in having a presence in the metaverse , similar to a digital mirror of the real world.


The metaverse is the idea of ​​a persistent and shared virtual space powered by augmented reality technology . The CEO of the newly named Meta (formerly Facebook), Mark Zuckerberg, describes the metaverse as “an embedded Internet, where instead of just viewing content, you are on it.”

This thought is not new, there have already been several projects that have played with the idea of ​​a virtual world, such as Second Life and EVE Online , but they have not managed to take off.

Today, with technological advancement and the huge deployment of virtual reality platforms , various companies are already planning with the goal of capitalizing on future virtual needs, from avatars to crypto collectibles.

Companies in the metaverse


One of the biggest names with plans in the metaverse is Nike , the fashion firm presented its platform Nikeland in November , where it allows users to exercise with their avatars through different games, in addition to dressing their avatars with digital clothing Of the brand.

In addition, Adidas also has projects in the digital world and has partnered with Coinbase , the largest cryptocurrency house.

Asset market

Asset markets provide us with exchanges for users to buy and sell digital goods. Many of these markets focus on non-fungible tokens (NFTs). For example, the Sorare company allows you to sell and trade crypto football collectibles.

Real estate

In the metaverse there are also “land” and companies like Decentraland , Somnium, Upland and Cryptovoxels offer leasing, property management, project development and consulting services. For example, Metaverse Property purchased 116 lots of virtual land in the Fashion Street Estate district last week for 618,000 MANA. MANA tokens are worth around $ 2.4 million.