Yesterday ‘s rumors have been confirmed by Deadline :


 Marvel Studios are developing a series for Disney + entitled Vision Quest , which will follow the events of White Vision after the WandaVision finale .

Paul Bettany will obviously return in the role of the android, who will try to regain his memories and his humanity.

As we know, Vision was rebuilt by SWORD with a new body – entirely white – and with no memory left, in order to hunt down Wanda Maximoff . His alter ego, using the paradox of the ship of Theseus, however, made him understand that he was the true Vision , thus bypassing the directives of the SWORD . There is a possibility that Elizabeth Olsen will return to the role of the aforementioned Wanda , apparently deceased in Doctor Strange in the multiverse of madness .

Jac Schaeffer , creator and head writer of WandaVision , will oversee both Vision Quest and Agatha: House of Harkness , the other series from the original show. A writers room will meet next week.

Vision Quest

Vision Quest is the title of a saga written byJohn Byrne and published in 1989, in which the android is kidnapped, dismantled and reassembled with a new body, white. Part of that story has already been adapted in WandaVision . However, we know that Marvel Studios often draw titles from comics, except to adapt the stories for the needs of the MCU : basics think of Age of Ultron and Civil War , for example. Something like this could happenwith Vision Quest , provided the rumors about the show are true.

We will keep you posted.