Vive: HTC will announce a new device at its “Viverse” event

The Taiwanese firm HTC will present a new device for the VIVE line , but the image evokes a smartphone.


HTC , as a brand, has not disappeared. However, its smartphone division has been going through an irreversible crisis for a few years. Focusing its resources on HTC VIVE, the Taiwanese company announces a global event under the name “Viverse” with which it intends to make a name for itself in the growing concept of “metaverse”. However, the invitation has a peculiar detail: it looks like the screen of a smartphone.

From the HTC Twitter account , the invitation proposes a “Log In” to the future on June 28. In the final art, we can see the brand logo, the name of the event and a series of superimposed screens, similar to those of a current phone.

Rumors have it that HTC will invest in an AR/VR experience through HTC’s open source Viverse, a metaverse platform that allows you to chat with others via VRChat, hold meetings via Engage, collaborate on Vive Sync, watch reality concerts virtual “holographic” and other functions.

Delay in HTC’s “Viverse”

Already in February, during the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, ​​HTC had anticipated that in April we would have the “Viverse” event. However, it seems that there were some problems. The project includes different Asian operators, China Mobile, Etisalt, Hutch Group and Zai Group.

After a few years, HTC lost traction in the global smartphone market, after remaining as a leading brand in innovation during the first half of the last decade.