VLC Vetinari: The most complete multimedia player launches a new version with more supports

VLC media player has released a new updated version to be able to play all types of files or for streaming.


VLC Media Player is one of the most complete audio and video content players available on almost all platforms (MacOS, Windows, Linux, Android and iOS). This open source software is characterized by its great ease of use and has everything you need to play multimedia files .

The new version of this player, VLC v3.0.17 or VLC “Vetinari” , has been officially released while the announced version 4.0 arrives , which will completely renew the user interface.

streaming support

The new version reinforces the previous features of the original “Vetinari” edition, including support for HDR10, hardware decoding of 4K and 8K content, 360° video playback .

VLC v3.0.17 adds support for new audio and video formats, such as DTS LBR, E-AC3, DAV or AV1, solves problems recorded in VP9 format and offers improvements in the playback of streaming content .

Support for spatial audio playback on iOS and tvOS platforms has also been added , playback of AudioCD content has been improved, support for video files compressed with the HEVC codec on Windows . In addition, support for external subtitles SRT and in SMB format has been increased