Batgirl will no longer be released in theaters or on any platform.


This decision, which took everyone by surprise, follows the studio’s change of leadership and the creation of Warner Bros. Discovery .

Justin Kroll, author of the THR piece added on social media:

“A minute after this story was published, I received a call from a rival firm executive who was shocked by the news. ‘I have worked in this city for three decades and this is unprecedented’ ”.

This is not the first and will not be the last cancellation of a project, these are very rare cases, because usually the studios try to get a return. Let’s think about the various films sold to Netflix .

Insiders insist that the decision to cancel Batgirl was not dictated by the quality of the film or the commitment of the directors, but by the desire for the studio’s DC films to have blockbuster reach.

Collider’s Steven Weintraub has a different opinion:

“I heard the movie is invalid and this is me being nice. I bet if the film was fantastic or even just nearly as good, they would have released it. ”


Starring Leslie Grace (Barbara Gordon / Batgirl) and Michael Keaton (Bruce Wayne / Batman), the film directed by Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah (Bad Boys for Life, directing the first 2 episodes of Ms. Marvel) had received the green light in 2021. The project was born specifically for HBO Max but was recently considered a theatrical release.

Made on a budget of approximately $ 80 million, which rose to nearly $ 90 million due to security protocols for COVID-19, the film was in post-production. Additionally, in April Grace told Variety that she had some preliminary discussions with the two directors about what might happen in the sequel.

The strategy of the new regime

Warner Bros Discovery executives were looking to find $ 3 billion to save costs following the merger between WarnerMedia and Discovery , which ended in April.
Among the most notable cuts made by the conglomerate are the CNN + streaming service , which cost $ 300 million before being detached a month after launch, and the HBO Demimonde series conceived by JJ Abrams , which was to have a budget of over $ 200 million.

Meanwhile, HBO Max has reduced its offering of original programs, cutting The Gordita Chronicles after just one season, as part of a strategy to move away from live-action programming for children and families. Linear networks under the Warner Bros. Discovery umbrella , such as TNT and TBS , have also suffered cuts to original works in recent months.

The new CEO, David Zaslav is proposing a turnaround, emphasizing the importance of the room compared to streaming. According to internal sources:

“Big budget movies made directly for streaming no longer make financial sense.”

The opposite of what has been achieved by former WarnerMedia CEO Jason Kilar who has Warners decided to release the 2021 day-and-date film list on HBO Max. Now, Zaslav seems to want to make a total change of direction, emphasizing the the importance of the room compared to streaming in terms of original films.

In June, Zaslav entrusted MGM’s Michael De Luca and Pamela Abdy to run Warner , replacing Toby Emmerich .

Under the leadership of CEO Zaslav , executives are striving to make DC titles like big event movies, and Batgirl isn’t.

They also ruled that the film didn’t work.

Insiders added that the studio executives love the two directors and Leslie Grace and are actively planning to work with them soon.

The second cancellation (Update)

WB. has also decided to cancel the animated feature Scoob! Holiday Haunt , which had a budget of $ 40 million. This is a sequel to the Scoob movie! released in 2020.

Director Michael Kurinsky talked about the film in an interview last week. He said they were nearing completion of the film and the animation was completed last Friday.


The first images were shown in a sizzle reel for HBO Max , released in December 2021.

Kurinsky had described Scoob! Holiday Haunt as a children’s version of Knives Out , in which the kids from Mystery Inc. had to solve a mystery three days before Christmas.