Was Mark Zuckerberg hacked? Facebook creator shares a rare post that no longer exists

Within the message, he even wrote “please follow me.” The Facebook post was deleted within minutes.

Different users have registered a post by Mark Zuckerberg on his Facebook account that has puzzled them because they think he “has been hacked”.

The CEO of Meta and creator of the platform shared a series of nonsensical answers and numbers in a post that is no longer available.

It’s all on Twitter

According to images shared via Twitter, Zuckerberg wrote “1140648592060760981.”

Also, after a few minutes, the tech guy wrote “Follow me, please.”

The post was active for about 22 minutes until it was removed from the owner’s personal Facebook account . It garnered about 13,000 message comments from people amazed by the message.

Some clue?

So far, there is no explanation for the publication and the written number.

Users, of course, have already put various theories about it. The most widespread is that of a hack, which, if true, would be worrying because not even the creator of the social network could be safe on Facebook .

However, others point out that it may be an attempt to draw attention to the proximity of Barcelona , ​​an app linked to Instagram that will function in the same way as Twitter and where threads and short messages will be the protagonists.