Washington will guarantee wages and employment benefits to Uber drivers in the state

Uber drivers  will also have paid sick leave , access to workers’ compensation and family medical leave.


The state of Washington in the United States has made official the measure that guarantees wages and benefits for shared transport workers in applications such as Uber  and Lyft.

According to Reuters, the governor of the state Jay Inslee has enacted the measure that guarantees the minimum payment of 1.17 dollars per mile and 34 cents per minute on trips of at least 3 dollars.

Likewise, drivers for Uber, Lyft and other companies will also have benefits such as paid sick leave, access to workers’ compensation and family medical leave. They can also appeal if they believe they have been wrongfully terminated.

Joy, but also fears

The law has garnered support from both labor organizers and businesses. The Washington Drivers Union called it an “unprecedented victory” that would reverse years of declining wages and improve the overall quality of life.

Uber said in a statement that the law “decisively” gave drivers the combination of independence and guarantees they were asking for , while Lyft said this was a “victory” that came when unions, politicians and companies “worked together”.

However, there are concerns that the law will remove the power. It states that drivers on ride-sharing apps are not employees, which could limit access to more benefits and more consistent schedules.

The law also prohibits cities and counties from enforcing additional regulations beyond those in effect. Seattle will still offer higher pay ($1.38 per mile, 59 cents per minute and at least $5.17 per ride), but companies like Uber and Lyft have effectively limited the scope of regulations they could face.