Watch the trailer for ‘The Challenge’, the first film recorded in space

” The Challenge ” is an effort by the Russian space agency Roscosmos to exalt the profession of cosmonaut . It was shot on the International Space Station .

Central Partnership and the space agency Roscosmos have presented the first trailer of ” The Challenge “, the first film shot in space.

The play, directed by filmmaker Klim Shipenko, was actually filmed on the International Space Station in a race involving actors such as Tom Cruise.

“The Challenge” and the profession of a cosmonaut

The filming team, made up of its director and actress Yulia Peresild, traveled to orbit in October 2021 to shoot the images for a few weeks.

30% of the footage obtained in space was recorded in the Nauka module; the other third, in the Zvezda module and the remaining percentage in the American modules in orbit.

The story follows a surgeon who must operate on a seriously ill cosmonaut on the ship.

Check out his first trailer here.

difficulties in orbit

Speaking about the challenges she faced while filming the film, Yulia Peresild noted that: “It was difficult psychologically, physically and emotionally… but I think that when we reach our goal, all the challenges will not seem so bad.” She was selected out of 3,000 applicants for the position.

“We don’t just have to make a movie, we have to come back to Earth alive,” Klim Shipenko had said before his trip to the ISS. “There is no one to get advice from. There is not a single cameraman who can answer how to work with the light of a porthole,” he told an online news conference. In addition to directing, he also handled the cameras, lighting, sound, and makeup.

” The Challenge ” wants to beat the production of a movie starring Tom Cruise, who hopes to go into space on a SpaceX ship and perform a spacewalk outside the International Space Station. This film does not yet have a shooting date.