‘We are already cyborgs,’ says Elon Musk about people and AI

For Elon Musk , humans already depend on machines “to maintain our memory.”

Elon Musk has asserted that humans are already ” cyborgs ” because we depend on machines to maintain our memory.

The tycoon tweeted on his networks that “our memory is overwhelmingly subcontracted to computers”, a fact that would determine that we are more connected to this technology than is thought.

we are cyborgs

This conversation took place on social networks when Musk responded to a thread on the different issues that stand out from the development of artificial intelligence.

“We are already cyborgs . Our memory is overwhelmingly outsourced to computers: they remember everything with extreme precision down to the pixel,” the eccentric character noted.

Musk tried to outline the current differences between humans and artificial intelligence. He said there are still a lot of things we can do that the AI ​​”can’t quite think of.”

The author of the conversation was Marc Andreessen, a leading venture capitalist who frequently publishes in this field.

Musk is critical, but believes

The owner of Twitter has become increasingly vocal about the dangers of artificial intelligence in recent months, suggesting there was a slim chance that AI would “annihilate humanity.”

Musk has been especially critical of OpenAI, the company that created ChatGPT and which he co-founded. His phrases go against the latest changes in direction of the company , which is no longer published and non-profit since the arrival of Microsoft.

He also signed a letter with more than a thousand experts asking companies to pause AI development for at least 6 months and start preparing global regulations on this industry.