There are exactly two weeks left until Wednesday ‘s release , and Netflix has unveiled the opening sequence of the series.


The theme song, made in animation, anticipates various crucial elements of the story, and shows the eponymous protagonist ( Jenna Ortega ) in front of the gate of Nevermore Academy , the institution she is enrolled in after being expelled from her previous high school. Nevermore is a school for society ‘s “outcasts”, frequented by werewolves, vampires, mermaids and other figures inspired by mythology and folklore.

You will surely notice the musical theme of Danny Elfman , reminiscent of Tim Burton ‘s films of the 90s: the two, in fact, are long-time collaborators. Burton directed four episodes of the series, as well as being the producer. In the past he was approached to some projects on The Addams Family , but only now has he had the opportunity to bring them to the screen.

As is well known, Charles Addams created the characters on the New Yorker cartoons , but the great international fame came with the David Levy show for ABC , which aired between 1964 and 1966. The release is expected on the 23rd . November on Netflix .

You can see the abbreviation below.

The acronym

The synopsis

The eight-episode series is an investigative and supernatural thriller that traces Wednesday’s years as a student at Nevermore Academy, describing attempts to control her paranormal powers, to foil a monstrous series of murders that terrify the local community and to solving the mystery involving his parents 25 years ago… all while exploring the new and complicated relationships of the strange and heterogeneous student body.

The cast

Cast includes Jenna Ortega ( Wednesday ), Luis Guzmán ( Gomez ), Catherine Zeta-Jones ( Morticia ), Victor Dorobantu ( Mano ), Issac Ordonez ( Pugsley ), George Burcea ( Lurch ), Tommie Earl Jenkins ( Mayor Walker ), Iman Marson ( Lucas Walker ), William Houston ( Joseph Crackstone ), Luyanda Unati Lewis-Nyawo ( Deputy Sheriff Santiago ),Oliver Watson ( Kent ), Calum Ross ( Rowan ), Johnna Dias Watson ( Divina ), Gwendoline Christie ( Larissa Weems ), Riki Lindhome , Jamie McShane , Hunter Doohan , Georgie Farmer , Moosa Mostafa , Emma Myers , Naomi J. Ogawa , Joy Sunday , Percy Hynes White and Christina Ricci .

The showrunners

This new series was written by Alfred Gough and Miles Millar , known for creating Smallville, Shannara and Into the Badlands . The two writers are also executive producers along with Tim Burton himself . The latter directed four episodes.

Contemporary setting

The idea is to bring The Addams Family into the present: the show takes place in the contemporary era, revolving around the young Wednesday and her gaze on today’s world.


The production is handled by MGM TV , which owns the rights to the franchise.