What are all the characters in Street Fighter?

Here in this note we tell you what all the characters in the history of  Street Fighter are .


Knowing what the Street Fighter characters are will help you enjoy this incredible game much more.

Gone are the times when you only had a couple of options, now the number of fighters is quite large, as is their power and characteristics.

Street Fighter Main Characters

Ryu:  from the beginning he is the main character, embodied in a karate fighter of Japanese origin who wants to perfect his fighting skills.

Ken: He  is an old training partner of Ryu, of American origin, and, in the primary installments, he was his default opponent. This character is usually very interesting.

Honda: He  is a professional sumo wrestler of Japanese origin who enjoys the highest level in this type of fight. His signature move is the Hundred Hand Slap, also known as Thousand Hand Slaps.

Guile:  this is one of the Street Fighter characters of North American origin, he personifies a former soldier of that nation. In the saga he does his mission: to avenge the death of his best friend named Nash or Charlie, depending on the language.

Blanka:  considers himself a mutant who, after an accident, was raised in Brazil. He has certain electrical abilities, learned from eels.

Chun-Li:  When it comes to female Street Fighter characters, this is the main one. Regarding her technique, she is a martial artist of Chinese origin, managing to combine movements of Kung-Fu, Tai-Chi, as well as Wu-Shu.

Dhalsim:  with origins in India, he is a great yoga teacher. In the Street Fighter universe he joins the fight against Shadaloo, a very dangerous organization.

Zangief:  Of Russian origin, this character was a professional wrestler from the USSR. He is considered an icon in fighting games for being the first to include specialized actions. The character is striking in the eyes of anyone.