What does the Facebook metaverse look like today?

Facebook is expanding the territories where its metaverse is available through the Horizon Worlds platform.

Mark Zuckerberg has been in charge of the announcement and the images of him have not gone unnoticed.

Zuckerberg used his own Facebook account to announce that Spain and France would have access to this digital universe and the chosen photograph has attracted attention.

The metaverse or a game from the past decade?

In the image, Mark Zuckerberg is shown with his avatar with what would be the representations of La Sagrada Familia and the Eiffel Tower.

The comments on the publication, however, more than happy about the arrival, make fun of the graphics of what the metaverse would be, with representations of people as if it were a game from the last decade.

“Immersive? With those graphics? Come on,” she read to herself. “Who stole your eyes, Mark?”, She appreciates herself in another.

the future will take

Horizon Worlds first launched as an Oculus social platform called Facebook Horizon in 2019 and was released into beta later on. Users appear as avatars with only their upper bodies and can build their own custom worlds.

Mark Zuckerberg ‘s idea is to generate a virtual life through the metaverse, where, thanks to virtual and augmented reality glasses , we can connect with our friends, family or colleagues, to work, study or just have fun .

Meta considers virtual reality (VR) as the gateway to the metaverse , but this division of the company is causing great financial losses. In 2021 alone, Meta spent $10 billion on designing their metaverse. It has 10,000 employees working on Zuckerberg’s vision and wants to hire an additional 10,000 to work on the project.