What is “Airplane Mode” and what is it for?

‘Airplane mode’ disconnects the mobile network and data. This powerful  cell phone feature  has multiple uses.

Currently all cell phones and even tablets have the option called Airplane Mode. 

This button allows you to disable all wireless connections such as Wi-Fi, data, among others, in order to use the device on a plane and not interfere with communications. But what exactly is it and what is it for?

This section will explain in a simple way what is airplane mode?, what is it for?, and when should it be  deactivated?

What is airplane mode?

It is built into all mobile devices, this is a setting that can be activated at any time. Airplane mode causes all wireless connections on the mobile phone to be disabled, it is as if it were turned off or there is no data to connect

This means that while this option is active, you cannot send messages, WhatsApp, make calls or browse the Internet. Another connection that will be disabled will be the GPS of the mobile phone, also the Bluetooth is disconnected.

Applications that do not need an Internet connection can be used normally.

What is it for?

As mentioned, it is used to deactivate it during a plane trip so that communication does not have interference.

  • Another aspect for which it is useful is to stay disconnected from social networks.
  • Also, it allows you to save the battery of your mobile if the user is on the street all day.
  • Activate it during the night, it will allow you to rest fully without interference

When should airplane mode be activated?

Most of the time where airplane mode should be activated is on flights, since you do not want interference during the trip, in addition, it will facilitate communication between the flight crew and air traffic controllers.

Where does the name ‘Airplane Mode’ come from, it is said that years ago there were prohibitions for the use of phones on planes, which causes new companies to design an alternative, but it can also be used with the aim of disconnecting from the networks and only use essential applications.