What is Facebook Protect, the requirement that the social network asks to log in

Did you get a warning to activate Facebook Protect? This is the reason.

Facebook is sending a large number of users a notification to activate a feature called Facebook Protect with a deadline: October 28. However, many of them do not know the reason for this message.

Many times this type of ad lends itself to deception or hacking, but, this time, it is a real message that Facebook is implementing to people.

What is Facebook Protect?

This tool serves to provide greater security to the Facebook account , trying a new security method in addition to the password.

Given this, Facebook allows you to choose between an authentication application (Google Authenticator or Duo Mobile), an SMS to your cell phone or a physical security key.

This program was born in 2019 to protect accounts verified at the beginning of the US electoral campaign.

Previously, this topic was voluntary to prevent and identify hacking attempts, such as unusual login locations or unverified devices. Now it is for everyone.

“We are constantly looking for strategies to stay one step ahead of malicious people. While we know that we may never be able to detect all of these people, this program is one of several steps we take to make it more difficult for them to compromise an account, ”notes Facebook.

The notification indicates that Facebook will suspend access to your account if you do not activate it until October 28, but the message does not go out to all users, since many already had two-step authentication.

The social network has not said much about this issue, so it is unknown if it will really suspend accounts if this notification is not accepted. Of course, this tool differs a lot from the system that happened with WhatsApp at the beginning of the year, where the app’s privacy policies were changed . In this opportunity we are only asked to have a form of more security in our accounts.