What is the most used emoji in the world on Twitter?

The heart and smiley face emojis are the most used on Twitter .What is the most used in Peru?


The use of emojis is a universal language on the internet, but within the wide range of examples, there are some more used than others in social networks such as Twitter .

A study by Crossword Solver has analyzed tweets with geolocation from around the world to see which emojis are used in each region and in each country.

The most used emojis in the world on Twitter

The most used emojis in the world are the face crying with joy and the red heart, in first and second place respectively: 😂 and ❤️. The first emoji is also the most common in 75 countries on the planet.

Emojis referring to the game Wordle have become so popular that they already appear in the Top 10 worldwide: 🟩 🟨 ⬜.

Interestingly, there are emojis that are not used in some countries because they have different meanings. For example, in China, the clapping hands emoji (👏) suggests having sex, while the thumbs up (👍) in Greece is an insult.

In Saudi Arabia, sending a red heart can be considered a “crime of harassment” under certain circumstances. That is why there they use the white heart in emoji.

And in Peru?

In South America as a whole, the most used emoji is the red heart, including Peru.

In Chile, Uruguay and Paraguay, yes, they prefer the smiling face and its two tilt variants: 😂🤣.

In Bolivia and Guyana, however, they prefer the emoji of their flags. Venezuela, due to the flow of aid that is needed due to its political context, prioritizes the use of hands in prayer: 🙏.