What is the Omniverse Cloud, the collaborative version for NVIDIA artists

Artists will be able to use the NVIDIA cloud to collaboratively design and build 3D worlds across the omniverse .


NVIDIA has introduced the Omniverse Cloud , a suite of cloud services that gives artists, creators, designers and developers instant access to the Omniverse platform , its own company metaverse initiative.

Through it, artists will be able to collaborate and simulate 3D design from any device, anywhere.

Tools within reach

Among the Omniverse Cloud services is the Nucleus Cloud, a one-click sharing tool for collaboration that allows artists to access and edit large 3D scenes from anywhere, without having to transfer massive data sets.

Also includes Omniverse Create, an app for technical designers, artists and creators to interactively build 3D worlds in real time; and View, an application for non-technical users to view scenes from the Omniverse streaming full simulation and rendering capabilities using the GeForce Now platform, powered by RTXTM in the cloud.

This means that whether users are using a Chromebook, Mac, tablet, or any other device that connects to GeForce Now, they will be able to stream, create, view, and collaborate with other Omniverse clients.

Digital twinning in the  Omniverse allows companies to create physically accurate virtual replicas of unique objects, processes or environments, all constantly in sync with real-world data inputs and enabled by AI. With NVIDIA Omniverse Enterprise , factories, 5G networks, power plants, and climate research are done faster and with higher fidelity.