What we know about iOS 16, the next version of the iPhone operating system

Like every year, iOS will be the protagonist of the WWDC to be held in June virtually.


Apple recently announced that it will hold its Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) online from June 6-10.

This event will reveal how the company’s ecosystem will be renewed, especially iOS , the iPhone ‘s operating system .

iOS 16 is getting closer and closer and that is what we know and expect.

When will it be announced and when will it come to iPhones?

Apple has a habit of announcing its next version of iOS at WWDC .

The June 6 keynote would be the ideal setting to showcase iOS 16 . Sessions during the rest of the WWDC will show in depth the news that the operating system will bring.

Shortly after the keynote, Apple will release a developer preview. Months later you will be able to access a public beta.

If we follow Apple ‘s logic , the final version of iOS 16 will arrive after the new iPhones are announced . That is, we will have to wait until at least September.

Which iPhone models will lose support for iOS 16?

Apple kept in iOS 15 support for models that had iOS 14 . This meant that the iPhone 6S , iPhone 6S Plus , and iPhone SE (2016) got the update.

It is possible that iOS 16 does mark the end of software support for these devices, which would mean the end of the A9 chip, with the iPhone 7 being the oldest cell phone to be supported. This will be confirmed at WWDC .

What news will iOS 16 bring?

Bloomberg ‘s Mark Gurman , a specialist on how Apple works , doesn’t think iOS 16 comes with a “big redesign.”

What he did anticipate in his newsletter are improvements in the performance of the operating system , including updates regarding notifications and options for monitoring health.