What’s next: What will happen to Twitter after the purchase of Elon Musk

Elon Musk managed to acquire the Twitter social networkfor 44 billion dollars, but the transfer is not immediate . This is what will happen.

After the emotion you have to see the reality. Elon Musk has managed to acquire, in a huge financial move, the total assets of the social network Twitter . After a decision by the board of directors, the billionaire seeks to impede some changes internally, but it is still necessary to establish what is missing in this process.

Twitter what did Elon Musk buy ?

Currently, Twitter is a social network with 217 million daily active users, a lower figure compared to the “Social Media Stars” TikTok, Instagram, WhatsApp or YouTube. However, the level of influence of the network over the others is evident: an Instagram story of a president does not have as much relevance as a tweet, as ridiculous as it sounds.

What Musk has acquired is INFLUENCE. A network of few, yes, but influential and convening leaders, protagonists of information. And many trolls and bots. A lots of.

In revenue, Twitter continues to go through dark times, and the COVID-19 pandemic was partly responsible for this situation. Since 2017, the social network began to present green numbers in the annual balances, after high loss indicators. Until 2019, a healthy recovery of the company could be perceived thanks to advertising, but the years of confinement had a negative impact on profits.

In addition to this panorama, Twitter is a leading network in information control, and one of the few that fully bought the blockade lawsuit against President Donald Trump, after the acts of violence recorded in the Capitol during January 2021 and that, According to the foundations poured by the Big Tech, they were incited from the profiles of the millionaire businessman.

Following the departure of Jack Dorsey, Parag Agrawal began to push the platform’s subscription model at a promising pace, but the traction needed to keep investors happy was not enough. That’s where Musk comes in .

Elon Musk and Twitter : what’s next from now

As you know, this acquisition does not imply an automatic transfer. You are not buying a package of cookies, but the total assets of a social network at 44 billion dollars. This regular procedure is applied to determine the origin of the money, the type of assets acquired, protection of competition, among other conditions that the market establishes.

To begin with, Twitter ‘s outgoing shareholders’ meeting must vote to definitively approve this transaction. This decision will be supervised by regulators as a guarantee of a transparent process. We do not believe that there are problems in something that is decided and that offers more advantages than problems to investors. Then, we will go through a period between 3 or 6 months to guarantee the closing of the agreement, as part of the usual course in a transfer of this magnitude.